Canadian Pharmacies

The US pharmaceutical industry is currently fighting it out with their Canadian counterparts. The reason? For one, the latter has managed to garner a sizeable amount of the former’s market share. Driven by cheaper prices, this trend is continuing and Canadian pharmacies are adding customers like never before. US pharmaceutical companies have gone on the offensive, criticizing their Canadian counterparts for indulging in unfair trade practices.

The origin of this conflict goes back to the early 90s when the American industry lobbied hard to make cross-border trading with Canada and Mexico duty free. The result of this was the North American Free trade Agreement or NAFTA. Thanks to NAFTA, trade between the three North American countries (the US, Canada and Mexico) began growing. NAFTA permitted free movement of goods across the borders without the imposition of usual cross-border tariffs.

The American industry benefited enormously from this because they could now outsource their manufacturing to these countries and sell the finished products back again to them. Thus the manufacturing costs went down and profits began coming in. American pharmacies, whose main rival those days was Europe, also benefited from this, as most of their R&D facilities were in Canada and the work was done at much lower rates.

The joy of American pharmaceutical companies was short lived as many Canadian companies started selling drugs at discounted prices to US customers. This was done as Canadian companies realized that the cheaper R&D and manufacturing costs can be used to offer cheaper drugs to customers. Further, the price of drugs in Canada is strictly regulated by the government. On an average, a buyer based in US can save anything from $50-$200 a month by purchasing drugs from across the border. Displaying a spirit of competitive capitalism, the Canadian companies began selling drugs directly to US customers in Border States and by other means, like Internet and phone, to buyers in other areas.

In the US, it is illegal to import prescription drugs from Canada. However, import of drugs for up to 3 months of personal use is permitted.

The interesting fact is that most of the brand-name prescription drugs sold in Canada and the US are all products of the same manufacturing plants. Canada imports many raw materials and finished products from the US. Thus, most Americans may actually be re-importing American drugs.

With increasing profits, Canadian pharmaceutical companies started looking at other means of marketing including sale via the internet and mail order delivery. The American model of differential pricing at the retail level and for bulk customers like insurance companies means that the real price of a drug sold may not be known. Thus, the main segment of customers who have approached Canadian pharmacies are either the uninsured or those states whose negotiation power has been curtailed thanks to various regulations. Thus, indirectly at least, these purchasers are actually paying for the subsidies doled out to the insured. This is why they end up paying more for the drugs in their own country.

In the long run however the increase in purchase from Canada may actually push the retail prices in Canada North wards. A phenomenon, which, is already happening thus, sooner or later Canadian drugs may also become expensive on par with their US counterparts. But for now at least, the Canadian pharmacies seem to be on the right track.

Online Canadian Pharmacy: Providing Competitive Pricing On Medications

The cost of prescription drugs in different parts of the world have been rising rapidly leaving many uninsured and underinsured people with no reasonable way to incur their needed medications. With the rise of online Canadian drug pharmacy, buying prescription drugs online has become a quick and easy job. Now one can easily afford to buy prescription drugs at a faster and cheaper rate by placing an order on telephone or by regular mail. Regardless of how an order is placed, Canadian prescription drugs will be delivered quickly and safely – in about 7-10 days. One can also find, view and track order, or make changes to personal medical file at any time, from the comfort of your own home.

Canada drug pharmacy always gives secure and trustworthy environment by giving assurance of delivering top quality drugs. There are no risks of being scammed or receiving petty products. Canada is the only country that has maximum number of fully licensed online pharmacies providing discount prescription drug prices to American’s and customers all over the world. On an average patients can save a minimum of 40% and as high as 90% off their medications!

Canadian drug pharmacies provide high-quality prescription drugs online as well as over-the-counter medications at discount drug prices. Online Canada drug pharmacy offers medications made by world renowned International pharmaceutical manufactures such as Novartis, Cipla, Aventis, Dr. Reddy’s, GlaxoSmithKline, Ranbaxy, etc.

Canadian drug stores often provide medications at cheaper rates than American pharmacies. The problem with purchase of drugs in US is that the government is not regulating the price of drugs. Canadian government on the other hand regulates the prices of drugs. Heavy discounts are given on brand name and generic prescriptions drugs. Canadian drugs are of the same quality, potency, and pureness as American drugs for which many Americans are now placing their orders at online Canadian drug stores.

An intriguing fact is that most of the Americans are turning to their neighbor country Canada for an affordable prescription medication. The price of prescription medications sold in Canada is drastically less virtually without exception when compared to the United States. The volume of business catered to by Canadian discount stores is nothing but dumbfounding. Pharmacies operating at Canada are filling out prescriptions for everything from common cold to controlling blood pressure.

Canadian pharmacy drug supplies popular brand name drugs such as Celebrex, Fosamax, Lescol, Evista etc at a discounted prices. The main reason for choosing Canadian pharmacy as your alternative drug store is:

Fully licensed
Best prices on prescription drugs
Toll free phone support. Great service 24 Hours a day and 7 days a week
No currency exchanges or duty. No hidden charges or fees.
Shipping to all 50 states with a quick delivery right to your door
Fully confidential
Brand name prescription drugs and many Canadian generic drugs available

3 Things the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About Ordering From Foreign Pharmacies

It’s no secret that ordering from foreign online pharmacies costs less than filling your prescription here in the states. But isn’t ordering your prescriptions online, illegal or shady? That’s what the government wants you to think. In fact, ordering your medications from places like Canada or Europe is just as safe as ordering from American pharmacies, but cost significantly less.

1. Why are the prices for prescriptions so much cheaper in Canada? I have always wondered why is it that America is thought of as one of the most prosperous countries in the world, yet our senior citizens are forced to load up on busses to go across the border to Canada or Mexico to fill their prescriptions. The answer is simple, price control. America is the only modern country that does not have price controls in place for the pharmaceutical companies to follow. A price control is a limit created by averaging the sale price of a similar product and setting a maximum price that the drug company can charge for a new drug. The American government states that price controls stifle creativity, and as a result, less innovative drugs are produced. However countries such as Canada carry a full stock of the same drugs that we produce over here and they sell if for half the cost.

2. The FDA has stated the reason they don’t endorse medication from foreign sources is because it is unsafe and inspected under less rigorous requirements than medication here in the United States. In the many years that our retirees have been flocking across the border to get their prescription drugs, there has never been a case in Canada or the United States of an American being hurt or dying from sub standard medication distributed from a Canadian pharmacy. It is also widely known and accepted that Canada operates under the same guidelines as here in the United States.

3. Despite the governments “deep concern” for so many years about the safety of importing drugs from Canada and other foreign pharmacies, the Senate voted 62 to 28 to allow American pharmacies to sell drugs from Canada and Europe. It turns out that the drugs sold overseas and in Canada do not have sub standard safety requirements, but that the American drug companies pay well to keep a monopolistic stranglehold on the American prescription drug market. In other words, the government is not so concerned about your safety, as they are about money.

Ordering prescription medication online from foreign sources overseas or in Canada has become the premier way of filling prescriptions at a discount price. Foreign online pharmacies offer discount prices on prescription drugs plus, the convenience of never having to leave the comfort of your own home. When ordering online, you should use a pharmacy resource website to help you locate the safest and most cost effective pharmacies. is a great website that will provide a list of the cheapest pharmacies that are rated and reviewed on their quality and customer satisfaction.

Online Pharmacy Career Preparation Opportunities

When students are looking to prepare for a career in the pharmacy field, they can do so by completing an accredited online program. There are numerous online schools and colleges that offer certificate and degree training programs for students to complete. Students can choose from a number of careers at various levels of education in order to start the path to an exciting new career. Online career preparation will give students the chance to study at their own leisure from just about anywhere to become pharmacists.

Pharmacy certification programs can be completed online by enrolling in an accredited educational training program. Students can receive the skills they need to pursue a successful career. Accredited programs are available at the certificate, associate degree, and bachelor degree levels of training. Students can prepare for the career of their dreams by completing all required coursework and studies.

Accredited online training for these careers and levels of education will give students a number of skills. Based on the desired career, training will teach students how to:

Count Pills
Measure Ingredients
Label Containers
Prepare Medications
Pour Liquids
Clean Pharmacy Equipment

…and much more. By gaining the skills and knowledge needed to carry out these tasks and more students will be able to find employment in a number of areas. Places of employment can include:

Grocery Stores
Community Pharmacies
Veterinary Offices

…and many other places where these types of professionals are needed. Pursuing a career in this exciting field will allow students to enter into careers in a number of exciting areas.

Students who are looking to pursue a career in the pharmacy field have the opportunity to choose from a number of professions. Accredited online training is available for pharmacy technicians, pharmacy management, pharmacist, and much more. Students will prepare for these careers by taking and passing the Pharmacy Technicians Certification Exam (PTCE). This test if offered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).

Accredited coursework will vary by level of certificate or degree and online school of enrollment. Students will have the chance to learn various techniques and skills. Areas of study may include subjects that allow students to learn health care, patient billing, medical terminology, pharmacology, record keeping, aseptic calculations, and many other courses. Training may also allow include topics related to other fields allowing students to study veterinary technology, biology, humanities, and much more. By gaining knowledge in these areas students will be ready to seek employment and enter into the workforce.

Elderly Americans Are at High Risk of Prescription Drug Abuse

Exceeding prescribed doses and getting addicted to prescription painkillers to manage pain is a serious worldwide concern that has crippling long-term effects, not only on younger adults but also on the elderly who often remain unnoticed. According to a recent report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), people aged 65 years or older in America account for more than one-third of the total spending on prescription medications.

Many physical, psychological and social factors have been identified to cause prescription drug abuse in older adults with some of the most common reasons being serious injuries, chronic pain, inability to sleep, depression due to loss of loved ones or the pain of being separated from family.

According to health care experts, constant thoughts about any prescribed medication and fears of daily life-related activities coming to a standstill in the absence of it is a sure sign of addiction. Additionally, when people get habituated to take medications at different times in higher doses than what is prescribed by their physician, it may result in harmful consequences.

Addiction is not limited to younger generation

Dorothy Hatfield, now 75, resorted to painkillers after a knee replacement surgery. It helped her get relief from the excruciating pain following the surgery. Besides, she was constantly haunted by the woes of loneliness, ever since her husband died 10 years ago. Anxiety and depression gradually crept in adding to her miserable condition and agony.

Thus, to escape from her worries, she found herself on an opioid pill-popping roller coaster, which took her on doctor shopping spree. Hopping from one doctor to another to obtain valid prescriptions to feed her craving for prescription painkillers, Dorothy was soon caught in the web of prescription drug abuse. She slowly developed a high tolerance to the medicines and needed higher doses each time to achieve the same level of relief. Finally, the pills inflicted significant damage on her physical and mental well-being, which led to a range of severe side effects, including mental disorders such as dementia.

Unfortunately, very few doctors and medical practitioners in America screen patients for addiction, which makes it difficult to detect the problem at an early stage.

Preventing abuse of prescription medications

Both doctors and patients can play a significant role in identifying any unapproved use of prescription medications, as well as preventing doctor shopping. Efforts must be made to incorporate more evidence-based screening tools as part of any consultation process. Moreover, people suffering from painful conditions may be prescribed other alternative forms of treatment, if required.

It is also important to spread awareness about the dangers of overdose and the outcome of mixing prescription medicines with other drugs and alcohol. Senior citizens need to be provided with useful information on nonnarcotic methods of managing pain and help them build healthier relationships and enhance self-esteem. Pharmacists are also required to identify counterfeit prescriptions or any alterations which could lead to abuse or overdose.

Helping seniors quit addiction

Therefore, while it is important to create awareness about diverse risk factors associated with addiction in old age, elderly people should be kept under vigilance in terms of handling prescription drugs. When it comes to older adults, the two major factors responsible for their high vulnerability to prescription drug abuse are: tolerance to prescription medicines and slowing rate of metabolism.

Finding Ways To Keep Up With Wellness

Curb Your Cravings Now!

People fail to recognize that being on a diet is not enough to trim and shape up their body. If you want to be slim and lose weight, you must have a healthier eating habit and add more physical activities to your everyday routine. In short, aside from your weight loss diets; you must also do some cardiovascular exercises and challenging workouts what if your craving for food that is not allowed increases?

Always drink water. Keep yourself well hydrated. Thirst and hunger are often confused by your body, and incredibly often once you think you need food, you probably need water. If you are consuming the fluids you require, you won’t be as hungry anymore.

Exercising, eating healthy food, not skipping breakfast, taking in food supplements and a lot of emotional support could control cravings.

Even if you indulge yourself with fruits and raw vegetables, you wouldn’t feel bloated and gain a lot of weight.Keeping your appetite satisfied will probably be easier if you do not eliminate your entire favorite foods. In the event you limit your areas of your chosen foods in support of eating them occasionally, this works.

You can indulge a bit here and there and to be successful in what you eat, you have to discover deprivation of everything good won’t make you any money.You should think about replacing the unhealthy meal having a fresh salad and a few lean meat, and you’ll feel fully satiated because of switching to a nutritious diet similar to this, you will end up supplying you with the body a present.Should you continue the good work, you’ll be eating healthier and much less.

Weight loss diets always tell us not to skip meals because skipping meals would only break down muscles and lowers the body’s metabolism.

Next is to distract yourself.

If you or a family member are considering compass recovery you are undoubtedly burdened with many questions about what to expect once you arrive.

Expect to Feel Fear

You must realize and accept that you will experience a lot of fear at first when going to compass recovery since you are headed into a completely new environment while simultaneously leaving behind your “best friend” which until this point as provided a false sense of safety and comfort.

Expect to See Yourself in a Different Light

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you are “that kind of person.” Addicts have a predictable tendency to not see in themselves the flaws that they can clearly see in others.Many people make friends in compass recovery that become a strong and powerful support system for life.

Expect to Take Accountability

Although family and friends often verbalize that they want the addict to stop, they often enable the addict through actions such as providing them with money, shelter, or emotional support when times are difficult through Compass Recovery.

You will be exposed to ideas and concepts that may at first completely contradict your current logic and method of thinking but let’s face it, if what you knew worked, you would not be in rehab in the first place. If you see a Compass Recovery through to the end, you will likely come to embrace a wonderful and healthy new way to view the world.

It would be convenient on your part to enter into a compass recovery center.

Pharmacy Training At A Glance

If you want to have a long and prosperous career in pharmacy, you should attend a good school with a great pharmacy technician training program. When looking for a great training program, one place to start your research is at your local community college. Attending a local community college will teach you the core fundamentals of starting a great career in pharmacy.

In the first year of your pharmacy technician training, many students learn the basics that many health care professionals are taught. You are taught fundamentals such as medical terminology, basic and complex word problem solving, basic drug pronunciation, and different drug interactions. Some programs go a little further and get into the chemical makeup of the many drugs that are manufactured on a regular basis. This may seem like a lot to the new incoming student, but these are essential attributes that one must absorb to become successful when choosing this particular career choice.

Although it may seem like a lot of math and science from the outside looking in, most pharmacy technician training programs that are taught in an actual college setting also require prerequisites before a student is even accepted into the program. For example a student must have a certain level of math skills coming into the program. Many require you to have a certain number of years of chemistry and biology. Along with these courses, they may require you to have courses such as keyboarding, sociology, economics, and other courses that may strengthen and enhance your communication skills.

Once a student passes all of the prerequisite courses assigned by the given college, then and only then may the student apply for admission into the actual program itself. Usually the application process can be a bit daunting and require a lot of paper work, which may include medical records, background checks, and transcripts for any prior course work that has been completed. This may seem rather tedious, but the reward from completing the program outweighs all the early red tape one must fight through to get accepted.

Now that the student is accepted, it is now time to schedule their classes. Most programs follow the same format. Many technical schools have the course work broken down into two semesters and a clinical lab immediately following the course work. Many students that do well in their clinical work get hired on as full time employees. How is that for a benefit? Here is a general break down of how many colleges structure their semester course work:

Pharmacy Technician Training:

Here is a breakdown of what a typical pharmacy technician semester course work will typically look like. Course work and class length will vary from school to school. (Results may vary) Please check your local college admissions office for further details. Some courses may be passed over due to prior college coursework. Most programs run for two semesters. Generally semester two ends with a four week clinical.

Communication skills � entry level
Medical Terminology
Computers in healthcare
Keyboarding or typing
Introduction to pharmacy operations
Pharmaceutical math and pharmacy calculations
Introduction to Drug Classification
Pharmacy Clinical experience (phase 1)
Pharmacy Customer Relations
Institutional Pharmacy Practice
Orientation to Sterile Solutions
Pharmacy Operations Lab
Pharmacy Clinical experience (phase 2)
Applied Pharmaceutical Calculations
Psychology of human relations (Introductory Psychology may be used as a substitute)

There are many Pharmacy technician programs that are starting up every year. When you first glance at them, they may seem like the perfect match for your career needs. Before committing to them, it is wise to dig deeper into what they offer, how long they have been around, and if the program they offer is accredited by The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). The program’s main goal is to educate future pharmacy technicians with the skills and knowledge to secure employment in a variety of pharmacy settings. A technician that completes the training should have the confidence to walk into a community or institutional setting and perform at the highest level possible.

Looking further down the road, the career outlook for Pharmacy technicians appear to be rather promising. New mandates on medication delivery system, a shortage of pharmacists, and the life expectancy of individuals increasing, Pharmacy technicians will be in great demand for many years to come. If you are looking for a great career change with a promising future or looking to start a new professional career with many benefits, becoming a pharmacy technician could be the career choice you have been dreaming of.

Pharmacy Technician Job Description

Pharmacist are most of the time dependable for filling prescriptions, verifying instructions of medical practitioners on the good number of medication to hand out, and look at of harmful outcomes of drug combinations taken by the affected individual. They also suggestions and instruct the sufferers on how and when to choose the medication, viable aspect outcomes of taking the drug, and their dependable use.

Pharmacists are worthwhile to the health care industry, some show results in universities and pharmaceutical suppliers just where they investigation and check new medicines, many others have their individual save and oftentimes a chain of pharmacy which helps make them significantly more require in firm activities these kinds of as: stock management, administrative deliver the results to interns, and completion of insurance policies types and collaborate with insurance protection companies to make sure the patients get their medicine. Pretty much, there are two forms of pharmacists: scientific pharmacists, they entail immediate client treatment and often function in hospitals and other health care options, and guide pharmacists, just one which give direct help to people, control their prescriptions and dispense remedies they most commonly advise healthcare amenities and insurance vendors on increasing their pharmaceutical services.

Pharmacists in the U.S

Women and men looking at a career in pharmacy needs to have an undergraduate course do the trick of at the very least 2 to three years and require the Pharmacy School Admissions Check (PCAT) some pharmacy universities need a Bachelor’s Diploma. Immediately after obtaining accomplished beneficial specifications, they have got to use and be acknowledge to a pharmacy school that is accredited by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Instruction.

A Health practitioner of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) method is needed in buy for pharmacists to acquire the licensure assessment. Most educational institutions supply this system in a four yr training course. Upcoming pharmacists will work as interns in diverse performing environments hospitals, clinic, and retail pharmacies, even as having classes on health care ethics, pharmacology, and toxicology. Specializing in both a single of the two aforementioned aspects or in research, they constantly have to entire a 1 to two yr residency the moment they’ve finished their Pharm. D.

The last procedures for a possible pharmacist are to pass two condition tests, a particular which examination pharmacy practical knowledge and talent, the other on condition-specified pharmaceutical legislation. It can be significant to point out for prospective college students that the work outlook in accordance to the bureau of labor figures is trying tremendous for pharmacists owing to the growing old of the inhabitants!